Our Story

SubLink is a Link Management Platform where you can create a custom branded link shortener. Use your brand as a subdomain and combine it with one of our call-to-action “Subs”. Its created by an international team of marketing specialists and technical engineers to help solving the problem of getting branded tracking links for online businesses and preserve their brands identity at the same time. We also wanted to enrich the links with (re)targetting and additional CTA options to help increase conversions. SubLink Pro is your all-in-one solution.

Our mission is to empower businesses by providing a hassle free solution for powerful branded links while preserving their brands identity to ensure maximum click potential. In short, we give links their brands back and equip them with superpowers! 

Links are the doorstep of your online business. Create tracking links that look like real links and include CTA to get more clicks.

Why SubLink?

We’ve build SubLink so its easier for businesses to get authentic looking, powerful, branded tracking links for their business, eliminating the need for technical knowledge or registering domains. As a Marketer or Businesess owner, you want to know how your online promotions are performing but by using generic link shorteners or vague domain names you could seriously damage your ads’ click potential. Short is only better when its unrelative to your brand or promotion and “Chopping up your brand” is not always the right way to go. Especially during brand or product awareness campaigns its crucial to spread the right message and using the right links are a part of that.

SubLink provides an unique way of combining branded tracking links for your business with Call-to-Action technology using a comprehensive all-in-one hassle free solution.

Vision & Values

We believe links are more than just “things to click on” and strive to provide the most authentic, affordable, comprehensive and hassle free branded links management solution on the market.  

We give links give links their brands back and equip them with superpowers!


SubLink Pro | Shortener as a Service

We help businesses by providing authentic branded links without losing their Brands identity. Stop promoting your brand with another name and equip them with additional CTA for even higher conversions!
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