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Our Call-to-Action Subdomains provide endless variations. Choose as many “Subs” as you want for your promotions! 


We Love Your Brand

Use Your Brand and our Call-to-Actions Subs to create the perfect combination for your promotions!

piggy bank

Cheap and Hassle Free

Pay as you go and don't worry about registering domains. Pay annual and save even more!


Keep Your Brands Identity

Brand awareness is important so why use another name if you can use yours? Take back Your Brand!

cta subs
Call-to-Action "Subs"

Links are the doorstep of your online business. Create tracking links that look like real links and include CTA to get more clicks.


target & retarget

Unrivaled targeting options provide an unique experience. Take the most out of your links!



Add unlimited geotargeting options on every link.


Device Targeting

Redirect users to different pages based on their Device.


Tracking Pixels

Easily add Tracking Pixels to Retarget your audience! Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Call to action Technology

Use Call to Action Technology combined with our Subs and increase your Conversions!  Add a custom designed Call to Action, and / or lead them to a gateway page. One platform, unlimited possibilites!


Tell Your Message

Add additional Call to Action for your visitors. Create Coupons or any other message you want to share with our build in CTA editor.

conversion boost

Increase Conversions

Enjoy the combination of our Branded CTA Subs together with a powerful message to boost your sales!


Save Time and Money

Save time and money by using SubLink Pro. One platform for all your marketing needs.

call to action
Add additional CTA promotions to your links.

Stop promoting Your Brand with another name

And start getting more sales and clicks through your branded links!

Real time tracking

advanced statistics

Stop guessing who visited your links. Easily see in real time who came from where, when, and which device was used.


Comprehensive Metrics

All statistics are broken down per country, device, browser, referrals, social networks and more.


Worldmap View

To make it even easier we display all visitors on the world map so you see everything in the blink of an eye.


Secured Data

All your statistics are private and secured. No risk of competitors stealing your click data.

Other Awesome Features:

Amazon Infrastructure

SubLink uses Amazon AWS infrastructure to provide ultimate reliability and scalability to all of our clients.

Lightning Fast

Super fast servers won't slow you down. Click and shorten without waiting, no matter how many links you have.

301 Redirects

301 Redirects prevent your SEO juice from flowing away. Search engines love our links! Try it yourself!

URL Export

Export your links with a single click to download, present or analyze them in your way.

Easy Integration

Want to integrate SubLink in your own projects? Not a problem using our API or integration options.

More Coming Soon

Many new features are on the list to be released in the near future. Stay tuned for more!

Start using SubLink Pro and give your Links their Brand back!


SubLink Pro | Shortener as a Service

We help businesses by providing authentic branded links without losing their Brands identity. Stop promoting your brand with another name and equip them with additional CTA for even higher conversions!
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